New Year Who Dis?

New Year Who Dis?

Sorry listener.  Zeno has been on hiatus from the cast due to the sugar cane harvest season.  Clearly the other two members are inept and/or lack motivation. In fact, all three members suffer from this general ineptitude and malaise.  

This episode the guys review an article listing 2020 predictions to see if they came to fruition or if they will in 2021.  Funny thing is that due to the aforementioned ineptitude they actually did this twice but only successfully recorded the conversation once.  
Lastly, there are several jokes referencing the recent loss of Zeno’s grandmother.  She was an amazing woman who made a lasting impression on this earth.  Zeno would not be in this industry or on this podcast without her influence or encouragement.  Zeno is not a sociopath or so he keeps telling us.  People just deal with grief in different ways.  Or they feel nothing and fake it to fit in.  

Thank you for sticking with us and as always THANKS HIGHPROOF CREATIVE.  

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