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Ep 25 - American Whiskey

Ep 24 – New Technology + Old Problem = Innovation

Ep 23 - Drinks on the Job

Ep 22 – An Interview w/ Derv and Sebastian of Anther Spirits

Ep 21 - Going to a Land Down Under

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  • Missed the last Still Talking podcast? You can listen to the last episode about American whiskey on our website (link in bio). And while you're at it, sign up for emails alerts when new shows drop.
  • We've got a brand new episode for you! This week is all about American whiskey so you know that the guys had plenty to talk about. They discuss what's happening right now, the role of the big guys, and the future of brown spirits. If you haven't listened already be sure to do so, and if you want updates on the pod as well as nice photos of stills smash that follow button. Cheers!
  • 🎃👻Happy Halloween! 👻🎃Zeno is always a little scary so why not celebrate the spookiest holiday with a new episode of Still Talking?
This week's ep is about innovation, and there's a very good reason why we chose the picture that's accompanying it. This is the still at @belgrovewhisky in Tasmania, AUS, the only rye whisky producer that we visited there. The owner and operator, Peter Bignell, built that still from scratch and direct fires it with biofuel made from used cooking oil. He only distills using rye from his own farm. Peter is definitely an innovator and one we were fortunate to meet!
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  • We got a new episode for you 🚨 This week, the guys are talking about a topic that is probably familiar to anyone who works in a distillery/brewery/winery (bar? Bar.)—drinking on the job! Some of the time it’s fine, sometimes we get a little carried away, it’s definitely a huge part of our jobs that deserves attention. How do you handle drinking on the job at your workplace? Let us know!_______________________________________
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  • 1/3 of the pod Colton Weinstein talking in person to a room full of Australian distillers with Sebastian Reaburn of @antherspirits at @whiskyandalement in Melbourne! Australia was a good time full of great people.
New episode coming out tomorrow! Find it on all your favorite podcast apps.__________________________________
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  • Go check out our latest episode, just released, where Colton sat down to talk with Derv and Sebastian, distillers/founders of @antherspirits based in Melbourne! They are both awesome and give us the lowdown on Aussie distilling culture and the current gin scene. Cheers 🍸🇦🇺
  • Sorry for the delay but we've got a brand new episode for everyone this week, and it's pretty exciting! 🥃😱 Zeno announces a new development in his professional life and what it's going to mean for Still Talking (not much, really). Find it on your favorite podcast app. .
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  • 🚨#WhiskeyWednesday means we've got a new episode for you!! 🚨
This week, the guys talk about packaging. It's tricky to pick the right bottle and label for your product, and we don't claim to have all the answers, but we have fun discussing it. Enjoy!
  • New episode is up! 🔥 This week’s ep is all about spirit categories and feature a couple of truly entertaining tangents. The guys discuss specialty spirits, standards of identity and ask the question, is moon bourbon a thing? The answer of course being no, it definitely isn’t. Enjoy!


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