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Ep 29 - Knocking on Death's Door

Ep 28 – What Makes a Master?

Ep 27 – Marketing Your Juice

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  • It's Wednesday everybody, and that means we have a new episode for you.
This week, the guys attempt to tackle the term "master distiller." You've heard it, you've seen it, you may even use it yourself. But what exactly does it mean?
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  • We decided to start this podcast as an effort to share our knowledge with other members of this industry and those who are interested in getting involved. Our goal is to better the business as a whole through greater connection and education. We also make some stupid jokes along the way.
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  • There's a new episode of Still Talking for you to listen to as you drive to/away from a giant turkey dinner tomorrow. This week's topic is marketing, which neither Zeno nor Colton know very much about, but Brian's got some expertise to share. Check it out and make sure to share this very appropriate content with all your family members. Cheers!
  • Did you know we also offer a variety of services and consulting for the alcohol beverage industry?From start-up planning and production management to future expansion, strategic development, and market research...tell us about your next project!
  • #WhiskeyWednesday means a new episode & we've got a good one for you. This week the guys discuss quality control, a very sexy and important topic for all distillers everywhere. Brian, Colton & Zeno touch on best practices to ensure quality in your liquid, how they handle quality control in their own distilleries, and remember Dave Pickerell, a man who spent many years of his life ensuring quality in the craft side of our industry. Check it out!
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  • We've got a brand new episode for you! This week is all about American whiskey so you know that the guys had plenty to talk about. They discuss what's happening right now, the role of the big guys, and the future of brown spirits. If you haven't listened already be sure to do so, and if you want updates on the pod as well as nice photos of stills smash that follow button. Cheers!
  • 🎃👻Happy Halloween! 👻🎃Zeno is always a little scary so why not celebrate the spookiest holiday with a new episode of Still Talking?
This week's ep is about innovation, and there's a very good reason why we chose the picture that's accompanying it. This is the still at @belgrovewhisky in Tasmania, AUS, the only rye whisky producer that we visited there. The owner and operator, Peter Bignell, built that still from scratch and direct fires it with biofuel made from used cooking oil. He only distills using rye from his own farm. Peter is definitely an innovator and one we were fortunate to meet!
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