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This is a podcast made by distillers and industry professionals for distillers, industry professionals, and fans. Three friends talk about distilling (sometimes) and the nonsense that makes them laugh (most of the time). They represent the media, craft, and industrial sides of the spirits business and each brings a distinct perspective to any topic.

We decided to start this podcast as an effort to share our knowledge with other members of this industry and those who are interested in getting involved. We produce, talk about, and enjoy spirits of all kinds. Our goal is to better the business as a whole through greater connection and education. We also make some stupid jokes along the way. Please get in touch with us and let us know what you think! We want your feedback so that we can improve and refine our show.

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Colton Weinstein

Colton is the head distiller for Corsair in Nashville, TN. He loves Old Grandad (Bottled in Bond, of course). Besides whiskey, he likes brandy, D'Angelo, and bagels.

Jason Zeno

Zeno is a distillery and fermentation supervisor at Beam Suntory. If you meet him, you'll probably realize that he's from Pittsburgh in about 1.5 seconds (the Penguins jersey will be a tip-off). He also loves Old Grandad and pretty much every spirit so long as it's good quality.

Brian Christensen

Brian is the founder and editor-in-chief of the magazine, Artisan Spirit, which you should all be reading right now. He lives in Washington state with his lovely wife and children, and he often likes to pretend like he's some kind of adult or something. He's a fan of all drinks, as long as they have alcohol in them.





Our Editor

 Devon Trevathan is the editor of the Still Talking Podcast. She writes for Artisan Spirit magazine, reps Maggie’s Farm rum distillery, and really wants to live by the beach.

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