Ep 84 – Crisp Malt with Colin Johnston

Ep 84 – Crisp Malt with Colin Johnston

In this illustrious episode from the last pandemic year the fellas are joined by Colin Johnston of Crisp Malt.  They discuss what Colin and Crisp has been up to and how our industry has room for innovation in regards to malt.  
Yes this was recorded at the end of October 2020 just to appease listeners insatiable lust to reminisce about the glorious year 2020.  There were also hurricanes and harvest impacting Zeno so he called in with a tin can which exacerbates the gravel of his timbre (sorry listener).  Colton probes about bog politics and Brian blames the UK outbreak on Colton.  This is an uplifting episode to say the least.  

As always, a big thanks to High Proof Creative for being with us since the beginning.

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  • John Young
    Posted at 20:49h, 17 February Reply

    I listened to a lot more podcasts in the past year, and it’s clear than you nerds really do not give a shit. However, you are nerds and industry veterans, so the dialogue flows naturally. I appreciate the depth at which you can approach a subject. You invite industry experts and turn complex topics into casual conversation. You lost some steam and got a little snarky there (a few previous episodes), but please keep it going! Thank you!

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