Ep 78 – Chris Swonger DISCUS President/CEO

Ep 78 – Chris Swonger DISCUS President/CEO

As the title indicates, the fellas are joined by DISCUS president and CEO Chris Swonger.  They discuss the impacts of Covid-19 to the industry in a holistic manner. This includes what the post Covid-19 era may look like and the work that is pertinent to assuring success for all.  
Chris shares information about a “magical tool”, Zeno clearly establishes how he feels about politicians, Colton shares how he surfs the inter-webs with his radio, and Brian holds down the self depreciation StillTalking is known for.  

Side note:  This was recorded during the pandemic but before the current state of national unrest and even further before the rabbits start shooting lasers from their eyes and start to eat all of our children.  
Enough is enough already.

We stand in solidarity and support the BLM movement

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